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RS1 Openwater Top Femme

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The perfect option for the Openwater swimmer who appreciates the extra options offered by a two piece wetsuit, the Openwater RS1 wetsuit offers ultimate flexibility with enough added buoyancy and warmth to conquer the seven seas in comfort.



Giving the wearer the perfect solution to finding the perfect fit. The top and bottom half of the suit can be selected in different sizes and joined together. Giving you the ideal fit for your long swims. The super stretchy material can be easily pulled on and off.




Replacing the traditional zipper, the velcro seal system offers greater stretch than a zipper so that the flexibility of the wetsuit is enhanced.




3mm 39cell Yamamoto Chest panel provides extra buoyancy and flexibility whilst still offering maximum flexibility."

  • Yamamoto


    The Yamamoto Corporation is the world’s main supplier of high performance neoprene. Its seal represents quality, technology and innovation.


    Super Composite Skin (SCS) is the leading triathlon wetsuit lining because of its capacity to reduce friction and to provide the best possible hydrodynamics. Orca uses the most innovative version of Nano SCS, developed by the Yamamoto company, to ensure top speed in the water. The friction coefficient in the water of Orca’s Nano SCS is 0.026, as compared to an average of 4.0 for the other wetsuits.


    The inner Infinity Skin lining provides the feeling of absolute freedom. Designed based on a high-elasticity nylon that incorporates bamboo fibres, this technology is applied to the lining of our wetsuits to offer you greater flexibility with each stroke. This cloth maintains body heat longer, reduces body odor and the appearance of bacteria in your wetsuit. It is also made from natural eco-friendly materials to prevent the appearance of skin irritation and care for the environment.


    "With no fighting with zips, the two-piece suit is a great option for outdoor swimmers who appreciate the benefits of neoprene. Buoyancy is limited to the chest panel so your swimming feels natural and the neoprene is light and flexible, so you swim normally rather than being lifted and propelled by strategically placed buoyancy panels. All in all it feels a very natural experience. Plus, the suit is so light that it can easily be stowed and carried around in its own bag (included)."


    Two-piece wetsuits aren't ubiquitous just yet but, as soon as the RS1 is slipped on, the massive comfort, movement and adjustable fit benefits become crystal clear. And they're great for pre-race Portaloo stops!

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